What's Included in Every Session

Personalized Workout Plans

I design a workout plan for you and with you. Each plan is based on your goals, your abilities, and your availability. In each training session, I will coach you through various exercises, correct your form, provide you with your workout plan, and make sure you feel confident to follow the workout plan for yourself. Typically, a session will include foam rolling, stretching, warm up, strength training, and cardio.

Guided Nutrition Goals

All sessions include time for focus on nutrition as needed. I believe that the most successful nutrition goals are ones that are maintainable and client-guided. I will provide education about various nutrition topics such as macro distribution, intuitive eating, and water intake. Together, we will set weekly nutrition goals to help you achieve your desired level of nutrition. 

Mind-Body Connection

Especially if a client is experiencing chronic pain, I will provide a variety of movements designed specifically to help the mind and body re-connect. These are not focused on strength, but instead focused on helping the body to move and feel in a more ideal way. Such movements include, but are not limited to: guided breathing techniques, relaxing the nerves, and cross-body movements to calm the mind. 


Half-hour session: $40Full hour session: $50Group Session (up to 2 people, for a full hour): $40 each
*All sessions include a personalized workout plan, guided nutrition goals, and mind-body connection movements. The amount of time spent on each is based on your needs and goals.You can have as many or as few sessions as you want in a week. Many clients like to start two or three times a week, and then drop to one or two times a week as they feel more confident on their own.


Habla español? Puedo entreñarle en español! Explicaré y escribiré los planes de ejercicio en español para usted.

Training designed for you

I am offering one free consultation to those interested in trying out what a workout with me is like before making any commitments to see if we are a good fit. In this consultation, I will perform a minor body and movement assessment of you so that I can then provide and recommend workouts specific to your body's needs. Just like a regular session, most consultations include stretching, warmup, strength training, and cardio for our workout. Contact me to set yours up today and set you up for success!