Pain Recovery Testimonials

Heidi changed my life, literally. When I started my training with Heidi I was very weak from the lack of movement because I was experiencing pain from arthritis. Heidi started out my training with the basics at an easy level so as not to overwhelm me, and also so I wouldn’t do too much too fast and hurt myself. With Heidi’s help I learned how to use my body in a proper way with good technique and form. Heidi was very knowledgeable about being able to modify exercises to accommodate some of my limitations, and still help me to have a well-balanced workout. I also learned from Heidi good information about nutrition and diet that I really appreciated. Overtime as I grew stronger Heidi pushed me to do more; more than I thought I could and help me to get even stronger than I thought possible! All along Heidi was incredibly encouraging, supportive, patient, and she had an amazing attitude! I really appreciated how apparent it was that she really cared about helping me and all of her clients be the best they possibly could. Heidi always knew how to make every workout fun! She has so much enjoyable energy and workouts were never boring. She taught me how to use a variety of machines, as well as variations with basic exercises so it was always something different.

It was a big help that Heidi was always there to encourage me to work out regularly, get plenty of sleep, eat right and drink enough. She was always ready to answer any questions I had any time. In the time that I had Heidi as a trainer my life improved a great deal, I lost a good bit of weight, became so much stronger, I had a lot more energy, I slept better, I felt much less depression, but the thing I was most happy about was that because my muscles had grown so much stronger my joints were much better supported and I experienced almost no pain form my arthritis anymore. I enjoyed training with Heidi every week and I know that she is an amazing trainer! It’s been a while since I worked with Heidi but the things she taught me have helped me long after our last session.

- Faith Pirir.

Heidi Albright LeFevre is the best trainer I have worked with. I have been in several gyms and trainers, and at the same time I visited a lot of chiropractic clinics. I stopped going to those because Heidi fixed my back pain problems, she took the time to look at my posture and corrected it, and also helped me with shoulder and plantar ache. I have to give her 100!

- Kenny Lemus

Heidi is an amazing trainer. She made me feel comfortable doing exercises in front of others at the gym. I'd been doing squats and sit ups for over 30 years, but Heidi gave me proper form and technique. By doing my these simple moves correctly, I saw changes I'd never seen before (I actually had muscle forming a round booty and my arm flab was firming up). Heidi is such a fun trainer to work with, and was so understanding of my needs and limitations. She pushed me, but in a healthy way so as not to damage my knees or lower back. Love this lady and look forward to working with her again!
- Melissa King

I would definitely recommend Heidi. I was hesitant when I went in for my first session with Heidi. I am young, but at only 26 weighed over 300 lbs and had multiple joint and back injuries. I am also a nurse and have always been ashamed of my weight and how it made me feel like a hypocrite. But Heidi was not judgmental. She is supportive and uplifting. She did not mock me or my weight. Or even my seemingly impossible goal of participating in Ninja athletics. Instead she created workout plans that allowed me to feel successful. They were built to my current level and life style. I was busy, so she helped me find effective, short routines.

A few times Heidi went on vacation and I worked with other trainers, and the difference showed! They weren’t as attentive as Heidi, I didn’t feel I could ask them questions or voice when something hurt or felt odd. Heidi always welcomed my plethora of questions and her knowledge on both the body and nutrition was extremely helpful. She helped work with and around my various injuries and always had ideas on how to modify exercises to accommodate my needs.

-Brooke Liston

Heidi trained me for 3 months. During her training she was extremely sensitive to my EDS condition and taught me how to work out safely! I felt my best during the time she was training me!

- Erin Hymas

It was a pleasure working with Heidi. Her professionalism and expertise is second to none. She was knowledgeable about health and fitness. She helped me to understand what my body needed for healing and nutrition. She was also instrumental in adjusting my workouts so that they would be effective with my acute plantar fasciitis. (Which is no longer troubling me.) Heidi also has a special gift in being positive, understanding and supportive. She was a kind and reflective listening ear In the last few years I went through many difficult challenges. Including starting a new job, buying a new home and moving 2500 miles across the country. Heidi was essential in helping me to adjust to my new “normal” by supporting me in my health and fitness goals. I want to be clear - her kind and positive demeanor does not mean she did not push me... she made sure I was working to my potential. She taught me I could do more than what I thought I could do. Thank you Heidi for all of your help and support!

- Beth Cutrer

Pre/Post Natal Care Testimonials

I really enjoyed having Heidi as my trainer. I was looking for someone who could cater workout needs to my specific body and my limitations and she did just that! She started me out quite slow but that was what my body needed. By the time I was done doing my workouts with her, I had improved so much and was so much stronger! I still use a lot of her workouts to this day. Heidi was also great to work with on scheduling and timing to what worked best for me. I would highly recommend Heidi as a trainer to anyone!

- Ashley Clark

I started training with Heidi 6 weeks after my 2nd baby was born. I was blessed to work with Heidi because she helped me reach new levels of fitness I hadn’t achieved in my life. We worked together once a week in a personal workout session. Heidi put me to work! She gave me challenges that I didn’t know were possible for me to achieve. I was able to gain new muscle and I lost 15 pounds during my training. I still use the workouts and tips that I learned from her! Heidi was awesome!

- Jill Hernandez

There is something intimidating going into a gym after a long break and starting to workout again but something about Heidi's positive attitude and smile always made me feel at ease. I went to Heidi after having my second baby and she always was so happy to see me and helped me make my goals. I am so grateful for her.

- Jessica Spieth

Senior Testimonials

Heidi was our trainer at the Vasa gym in Spanish Fork before she got promoted. My husband and I are in our 70's and we have developed some weak muscles, causing pain and some debilitation. Heidi's expertise helped us strengthen and release tight muscles, and we feel pretty good now. She was gentle but strict, which helped us stay with lifting weights, pulling bands, doing push-ups and pullups with equipment, using the bicycles and treadmills at Vasa, and many more exercises.

- Keith and Patty Olson

Do you want a trainer who is knowledgeable, pleasant, and designs workouts that fit the clients needs? My husband and I have worked with Heidi for over a year. We appreciated her patience, and happy demeanor as we developed new habits and overcame physical challenges. Plus, her smile is contagious!! She is remarkable. You won’t be just a number, you will become a satisfied client.

- Bob and Pam Trevenen

I loved training with Heidi. She help me get my body in a workout mode. I was just losing a bunch of weight and I had some joint problems. Heidi worked with me to figure out a plan for workouts that would strengthen my muscles and limber up my joints. So I did easy push ups and then walked with weights and rode the bike. She would assess how I was doing during and after every session, then change what was needed to help me. I really needed the cardio and the muscle build. She helped me with that. I could have gone about it wrong and hurt myself.

- Deb Shell

I love Heidi! I'd had a couple of other trainers before her which I respected and liked, but Heidi's infectious smile and laugh put me at ease and made my strength training actually fun. I was particularly impressed with her focus on correct body position for each lift and pull and repetition. After my experience with her, I'm not sure I'd trust myself to do strength training on my own. Avoiding injuries during a workout is a big plus at my age. Her encouragement and her confidence in my ability and potential were genuine - a quality not always found in trainers. I'm so grateful I was assigned to her when she first started at VASA Fitness Center. I think everyone deserves a fitness coach that engenders trust and real interest in their client's welfare. I miss her as I'm now 1200 miles away from my beloved valley.

- Carol Dunham

General Testimonials

It was basically focused on strengthening and maintaining mobility and strength issues. I'm heading to 40 and I've worked with enough senior patients to know that I don't want to end up in a bed with care specialists helping me to turn on my side. So we did a lot of core strenghtening, flexibility, and cardio with an emphasis on long-term care as opposed to pure aesthetic nonsense. Although I do have abs now, so thanks for that!

- Jason Ludlow

Having never had a trainer before, working with Heidi was one of those instances where you didn't realize how good you had it until it was gone. My 18 months I trained with her resulted in an improvement in my eating habits, exercise habits, and overall wellness. Heidi truly cares about YOUR goals and will help you work towards them, and even help you define them if you need it like me. If I was forced to limit my review to one sentiment it would be, sign up now; you won't regret the investment in yourself through Heidi.

- Ryan Keeran

Heidi is a fantastic trainer! She was able to tailor training sessions to accommodate both myself and my husband to meet our needs. She kept the training sessions new and fresh which helped keep us engaged. Training with Heidi is money well spent!

- Sarah Keeran


Mi experiencia con mi entrenadora fue excelente eya enseña muy bien yo apendi mucho eya es súper amable y paciente con sus alumnos. La recomiendo al 100% eya es la mejor

- Marina Lina

Durante el tiempo que estuve entrenando con Heidi recibí un servicio de calidad, ella es un profesional 100% dedicada a su trabajo y realiza las actividades según tus necesidades, está pendiente de cómo te sientes mientras estás entrenando, y si tienes algún inconveniente durante el entrenamiento ella lo atiende de inmediato, se preocupa por el bienestar de quien está entrenando. Realiza constantemente seguimiento a sus entrenados. Además de ser una persona enérgica es una excelente motivadora!

- Gladys Romero